Morph Pro Beta

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September 1, 2021

Morph Pro Beta

In the age of modern DAWs like FL Studio and Logic Pro, a producer or DJ can put a professional track together in a matter of minutes.


Morph Pro is a VJ and video production software designed specifically for live events that allows the same experience for video artists.


The Beta is announced for early October 2021.


Features of the software include:

  • 4K@60fps video (HAP, H.264, VP9 and more)
  • Audio-reactive generative visuals (FFGL 2.2)
  • NDI 5, Spout 2.006
  • Universal MIDI
  • Full OSC
  • Unlimited mixer channels

Making visuals for large festivals and events is now easier than ever with video loops and generative content (using FFGL modules). VJs can plug and play existing content or create their own.


Morph Pro’s powerful audio engine operates entirely on the GPU and can extract spectrum data and information about specific instruments and sounds using its AI-backed algorithms.


The software is designed to be flexible and adaptable to any live setting. Presets can be used to save settings for generative modules and quickly load them during a live set. MIDI maps allow for fast switching to any MIDI controller such as APC40 and remote control is a click away using OSC.

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