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DJ Radio Show



An online event is the best starting live performance for a VJ or video producer. This page demonstrates how to create a project for a live DJ mix or radio show using Morph’s built-in plugins.


This project uses concepts from the Quick Start Guide; we recommend reviewing that module first before getting started with this guide.


Base Visuals


The main element of this project is the module that creates the background visuals of the radio show. This can really be any module of your choice that continuously renders the right visual content.


As a basic example, we will use the Flames FFGL module that comes with Morph Pro.

Load this module onto a mixer track and you are done most of your work.




With the base visuals in place, we move on to loading the logo for the show. The FFGL logo effect module overlays a logo on top of a source. Load the logo effect onto the first effect slot of the mixer track. Next load a transparent logo image and use the module controls (Scale, X, Y) to scale and position the logo.



Remember, double clicking a slider will set it to its midpoint value. For example, you can center a your logo by double clicking the X and Y parameters.


Track Text


As the DJ show goes on, we want to be able to show the artist and track being played at the moment. The text effect module displays a text on top of a source similarly to the logo module. Load the text effect onto the second effect slot of the mixer track. Next load a font and use the module controls to enter, scale and position the text.


Changing the Text


To automatically update the text, we will first need to extract information such as track and artist name from the DJ software or equipment we are using.


We will then use OSC to send this information to Morph Pro. OSC is a communication protocol similar to MIDI which can send and receive information over a network.


If you use a CDJ, you can use BeatKontrol to get the data you need. Note that ShowKontrol products currently only run on Mac OS so you will need a separate machine to sync with your CDJ.


Once ready, you can send the artist and track information to the text parameter of the text plugin in Morph Pro as explained in the OSC guide. You are now ready to go live with your radio show!