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Morph Pro can display an output on any display or projector and share its output with another application.


Output Devices


To connect to an output, first connect it to your computer.


View available output devices from the Output Settings menu by clicking Outputs > Settings. The device name shows information about its size and refresh rate.


To connect to a new output device, select it from the list and click Connect.

To stop projecting onto an output device, click Disconnect.


You can also share video with other applications using Spout and NDI.

Just Enable or Disable Spout and NDI outputs by clicking their corresponding buttons.

Render Size


Change the width and height of Morph Pro’s output by adjusting the Render Width and Render Height values then click Apply.


Note that this setting is applied only to modules that are set to follow the global render size.


For Optimal Performance and high resolution high framerate output, optimize module render sizes first. It is often the case that modules, specifically FFGL modules, can render high quality frames even at low render sizes.


Matching render size to the resolution of the display or projector you’re connected to also gives you the best video quality and performance.


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