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Morph Pro creates complex, dynamic and audio-reactive visuals by loading different media modules onto the mixer and applying effects.


Sources and Effects


Each mixer channel has a source slot in the Source Stack located at the bottom where source modules can be loaded.


A channel also has a group of effect slots called the Effect Stack located at the top.


Effect slots apply an effect to a source module. Effects are applied from bottom to top. This means that the lowest effect in the effect stack is applied first and so on.


Loading Modules


All available modules can be viewed in the Browser as a source or effect under their relevant tabs (FFGL, Clips, Spout, NDI).


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To load a source or effect module, simply drag it from the browser onto a source or effect slot.

You can now view the parameters of the loaded module, bypass the module or unload it.


Click the V or Eye button of a loaded slot to view its parameters in the module view.
Click the BP or Bypass button to bypass the module in the mix.
Click the X or Power button to unload or close the loaded module.


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Add additional mixer channels by right clicking on an existing channel, then selecting Add Before or Add After.


Click Remove to remove the channel and its modules from the mixer.





Once you’ve loaded all of the source and effect modules you need, mix them using the mixer controls on each channel to create your desired output.


Bypassing a module is useful for quickly previewing how the final output will look with and without a specific source or effect in the mix.


You can use this technique to adjust your mixes for a live performance.


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