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MIDI controllers are essential to the workflow of a live performance.

Morph Pro provides universal MIDI input and output support. Mixer and module controls and parameters can be mapped to any MIDI controller.


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To setup a MIDI controller,  first connect it to your computer. It is recommended to do this before starting Morph Pro to make sure it is correctly recognized.


View available controllers from the MIDI Settings menu by clicking MIDI > Settings.

Click the Refresh button to list MIDI Input Devices and MIDI Output Devices.

To connect to a new controller, select it from the input or output list and click Connect.


The MIDI controller is now ready for use.




Once a MIDI controller is connected, it can be used with mixer and module controls and parameters.

To program MIDI controls for use with the mixer or a module, click on the MIDI button on the mixer or module toolbar.


MIDI programmable parameters will turn Dark Green.


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Click on the parameter you want to program to set it to Programming Mode. Parameters in this mode will turn Bright Green.


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Adjust the desired control on your MIDI controller to link it to the target parameter. Click the MIDI button again to finish programming.

Remember, you can link the same MIDI control to multiple parameters.




It is useful to save MIDI programming settings for the mixer or for a module.


MIDI maps are similar to presets for the mixer or a module. You can use a MIDI map to quickly switch between MIDI controllers during your performances.


MIDI maps are created and edited exactly like module presets. Just link the module parameters to a controller and save the setting as a MIDI map.


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