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MIDI controllers are essential to any project made for a live performance.

Morph Pro provides universal MIDI input and output support. Mixer and module controls and parameters can be mapped to any MIDI controller.




To setup a MIDI controller for use, connect it to the machine running Morph Pro. It is recommended to do this before starting Morph Pro to make sure it is correctly recognized.


On the main toolbar, click MIDI > Settings. Click the Refresh button to list MIDI Input Devices and MIDI Output Devices, select the desired input or output device then click Connect.


The MIDI controller is now ready for use.




Once a MIDI controller is connected, it can be used with mixer and module controls and parameters. To program a parameter, click the MIDI button on the left side of the mixer or module view toolbar.


MIDI programmable parameters will turn Dark Green.



Click on the target parmeter to turn it to listening mode. Parameters listening for MIDI will turn Bright Green.



Adjust the desired MIDI control to link it to the target parameter. The same MIDI control can be linked to multiple parameters.
Click the MIDI button again to finish programming.




It is useful to save MIDI programming settings for the mixer or for a module. This is done exactly the same way as saving a module preset. MIDI Maps save MIDI programming settings just as module presets save parameter values.

MIDI Maps can be used to save programming settings for various MIDI controllers and quickly switch between them live.


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