Real Time Audio Visualizers

October 21, 2021

Real Time Audio Visualizers

Real Time Audio Visualizers


Custom Visualizer Templates for Radio Shows


DJ shows are a must for DJs and music producers today and creating real-time audio visualizer templates is an essential element of interacting with the show’s audience.


A DJ show puts a label on the map featuring the top tracks of a genre and allows artists to interact with their fans and listeners. There are many tools available to make visuals that go along with the music in a radio show. There are also many different ways to create the perfect visuals for a DJ show.


In this article, we will have a look at a few ways to create the best visuals for your live radio show using the most basic tools and plugins included in Morph Pro.


Creating Mesmerizing Audio Visuals


Getting Started


Before deciding the best route to make audio visuals for your radio show, it is important to think about what type of feel you want your show to have. This is highly dependent on your taste and also the genre of music you play. For harder styles like drum n bass, you may want to go with bright color and fast and audio reactive visuals. If you play mostly deep house, calmer colors and visuals that change more slowly may prove to be a better fit.


Promoting DJ Shows Using a Real Time Audio Visualizer


Here are a few items to consider preparing for a real time audio visualizer template to help promote your musical brand:


  • Label logo: very important in establishing your brand
  • Signature content: video content that is linked to your music label
  • Theme: color schemes and background images that go well with your music




Minimal Real Time Audio Visualizer


Minimal realtime audio visualizer template


Keeping things simple is often the best approach. A lot of top radio shows on youtube, such as ASOT, ABGT and Tomcat use very simple visual templates. This consists of mainly a background image, a logo, the name of the current track and artist and a background often with an audio spectrum added on top.


These are all very basic real time audio visualization features available with Morph Pro and most video production applications out there. You can take a look at this guide outlining the details of going about setting up this template.


The basic idea is simple. You set up your logo, background, and text and use the audio feed of your DJ show to create the audio spectrum. There is very little to change from show to show but there are many real time audio visualizer and spectrum plugins that you can use to change things up from time to time.


The minimal approach is ideal if you would like to handle both DJing and the visuals yourself. With some very basic automation, you can set up your audio visualizer template and not have to change anything as you play tracks.


Themed Real Time Audio Visualizer


Themed realtime audio visualizer template


Similar to the minimal approach, you can also use video content from your label that reflects the theme of your musical brand. Setting this up is exactly the same as the minimal approach with the difference that you may use video loops as the background or foreground of your visuals.


This route is also taken often during live shows with the added factor of using timecode to change the video content for the track currently being played. This could be a little more complicated and may need a person to only tend to the visuals while you handle the music. The complexity of themed templates depends on what quality of production you are looking for. Complicated setups like this are very rare and are usually reserved for large festivals where there is a clear plan of exactly what needs to be played.


Generative Real Time Audio Visualizer


Generative realtime audio visualizer template


Generative real time audio visualizer templates replace the main background or foreground image of a themed template with a more dynamic visual scene. Using generative content is the most creative approach you can take to make visuals for your DJ show. It could also be the most demanding since your content is changing dynamically every second. Nevertheless, this is often the choice for more underground and experimental styles of music.


The idea with this setup is to use a generative plugin of your choice along with the music feed of your show to create audio visualizers. This approach is also best when combining multiple generative plugins and adding effects to them to create results that are constantly evolving with the music.




In short, there are many different ways to add visuals to your radio show. The most common approaches are using a minimal, themed, or generative visual setup. Depending on the specific requirements and feel of your show, you can make a real-time audio visualizer template that combines elements of these approaches to create a setup that works for the style of music you play.


The best way to figure out what yields the best results is to play around with the different templates out there and create your ideal music visual template.


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